Styling a photoshoot and creating a backrop.

I can't belive it's been two years now but I am going to attempt to show you how I came up with this set. Along with my current Victorias Secret obsession both for the products and the beautiful photography. Oh yes who wouldn't want to actually shoot for them!!!!? Talk about the ultimate dream job!! I never worked at VS but I did work at Fredericks as a teen seriously I think I was 17 and an assistant manager of all the naughty things. At that age I didnt even like VS I don't think they had the PINK brand then and I thought Fredericks was cooler they had clothes and sexier stuff. I look to both for insperation for photography even though I don't own 200 mole tunsten fresnels lol.

Any way I had just picked up this beautiful strappy red bra and I couldn't just waste it on myself for V-day so I came up with what I wanted on my iPad. Here's the drawing I did, nothing crazy just came up with something to get a visual. So I made I half skirt wrap thing and we pinned alot of that wide holiday mesh around the outside of it to give it some depth.

I wanted something amazing for the background I didn't have it in me to make a whole paper flower drop. That takes a really long time and extra hands are useful which I did not have either. So I though instead of tea staining coffee filters I can stain them with some acrylic paint right? Yes it should work in theory. So I put water in a bowl and added paint then I seperated each filter and placed as many as I could in the mixture. I let it sit in the bowl for awhile I cant really remember for how long but as you go you can kinda get a feel for how light or dark you need your coffee filters. After they were about right I took each one out and laid it out to air dry. You will either need lots of room for this or you will have to do multiple batches. Yes this took me a few days to complete!

After you have all your filters dry and ready you can make flowers or glue them one by one to an insulation board like I did. I guess I ended up with it looking like almost like fish scales. SO then I needed a model to try this out on and I was lucky enough to get Hannah Kelsey to help me with this. In hindsight we always wish we would have done this or that and I'm pretty happy with the out come the only thing that would have made this better is maybe some red point shoes. C'est la vie. All of this was inspired by Sue Bryce and her glorious creations. Hats off to that woman and her community so much love!!