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Everyone needs a tushy shot!!

So here is a before and after shot I took back in 2013. THIS IS NOT MY BOOTY ppl "BUTT" but a very dear friend of mine's. When you nail this pose you will feel like you can do anything ladies!! Seriously when I started shooting I quickly realized this was not that easy for most women. It's really awkward and super hard to keep balanced in heels posed this way. This is a favorite pose I suggest practicing it on a flat surface. The heels help elongate your legs and with a slight bend at the waist to pop the booty out you will rock it!!

Remember we all have stretch marks and dimpling in spots we wish we didnt but seriously even a size 0 can have cellulite and rolls in a bad pose. Yes pictures can be retouched to no end however I don't like going over board as we all need to embrace and celebrate our individual beauty.

not yo moms